Ravioli Beef OR Spinach OR Chicken served with nepoletana sauce 17.50

Veg.Canelloni Mix of pumpkin ricotta cheese and spinach 17.50

Canelloni Tasty meat filled rolls in nepoletana sauce 17.50

Gorgonzola Tortellini pasta in Blue Vein & cream sauce 17.50

Lasagne Layers of pasta with meat and cheese fillings 17.50

Gnocchi with Bolognese OR Blue vein OR Pesto 17.50


Risotto Al pollo

Risotto with Chicken Broccoli Mushrooms white wine & cream sauce 18.50


Fettuccine,Spaghetti Or Penne

Spaghetti Meatballs with Bolognese Sauce 19.00

Arrabbiata Tomato mushroom oninos olives capers & chillies 17.50

Bolognese beef mince and tomato 17.50

Carbonara Bacon egg and cream 17.50

Puttanesca Anchovies capers olives chilli pesto & chopped tomatos 17.50

Marinara Tomato tuna shrimps mussels & mixed seafood 17.50

Pollo chicken mushrooms & cream sauce 17.50

Salmone Smoked Salmon celery & carrots in cream sauce 19.00

Penne Alforno ham chicken mushroom tomato and cheese 17.50

Amatriciana tomato onino bacon & chilli 17.50

Penne Blue cheese Bacon wallnut & cream 17.50